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A bi-monthly newsletter with updates on data and computing news and events for UW-Madison researchers.

In the Oct. 3rd, 2018 update:

  • Molecular Dynamics Group Starting Up
  • Upcoming Campus Events
  • Upcoming Trainings and Workshops
  • Campus Opportunities and Groups
  • External Opportunities

Are you…

  • unsure which campus data and computing resources you need for your research?
  • interested in making connections and starting new collaborations with data scientists and other researchers on campus?
  • looking for training in data and computing skills?

The Data Science Hub can help! Send an email to the Data Science facilitator (facilitator@datascience.wisc.edu)
or come by Hub Central in the Discovery Building during office hours (W 9:30-11:30, Th 2:30-4:30).

Join the Molecular Dynamics Group:

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations can provide a computational microscope for looking at molecular events. However, the art of setting up, running, and interpreting a simulation is challenging.

To help, campus MD users and potential users are getting together to share experiences, tools, and codes. Importantly, the group will also discuss best practices, appropriate/inappropriate uses, and how to best use local compute resources.

Our first meeting on Thursday, October 4 at 2:00pm in the Data Science Hub Conference Room, 1153/54 Discovery Building. Contact Spencer Ericksen (ssericksen@wisc.edu) if you can’t attend but might join us at future meetings.

Upcoming Campus Events

Dept. of Statistics Seminar4:00pm, 133 Service Memorial Institute
Oct 3, “Algebraic Methods for Point Estimation”,  Jose Israel Rodriguez
Oct 10, TBA, Nan Chen
Oct 17, TBA, Deb Sinha

Systems, Information, Learning, and Optimization (SILO) Seminar12:30pm, Orchard View Room, Discovery Building
Oct 3, “Tight regret bounds for a latent variable model of recommendation systems”, Mina Karzand
Oct 10, “Towards an autonomous network of biological sensors”, Bhuvana Krishnaswamy
Oct 17, “Learning from Binary Multiway Data: Probabilistic Tensor Decomposition and its Statistical Optimality”, Miaoyan Wang

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar (ACMS): 2:25pm, 901 Van Vleck Hall
Oct 5, “A Stochastic Skeleton Model for the Madden-Julian Oscillation and El Nino-Southern Oscillation” by Sulian Thual
Oct 13, “Continuum Limits of Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs” by Matthew Thorpe
Oct 19, TBA by Fei Lu

Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM) Seminar4:00pm, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium
Oct 9, TBA, Joe Austerweil
Oct 16, TBA, Jesse Meyer

Computer Sciences Events:
Oct 12, 11:00am-12:00pm, 2310 Computer Sciences, “The Data Civilizer – Easing the Pain of Data Scientists”, Mourad Ouzzani
Oct 12, 1:00-2:00pm, 1221 Computer Sciences, “Crack Open (Neural) Nets: Can We Make ML-Based Networked Systems More Trustworthy”,  Marco Canini

Biostatistics & Medical Informatics (BMI) Seminar12:00-1pm, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium
Oct 12, “Statistical Issues in Design and Analysis of Vaccine Trials”, Ivan Chan
Oct 19,  TBA,  Li Ma

UW-Madison Annual Diversity Forum 2018: “Beyond the Numbers — Relationships, Retention and Reality” keynote by Talithia Williams, Associate Dean for Research and Experiential Learning and an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College.  Register to attend here.
Oct 31st, 8:00am-4:30pm, Union South

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

The Social Science Computing Cooperative offers classes and workshops on statistical computing. All SSCC training classes require registration.  See their website for the latest information on their available courses.
Stata Programming, 10/9, 2pm-3:15pm
NVivo Software Basics, 10/10, 1:30pm-3pm
Managing Your Citations with RefWorks and EndNote Web, 10/16, 2pm-3pm
Stata Workshop: Presentable Bar Graphs, 10/16, 2pm-3:15pm

The Division of IT (DoIT) offers free software training for students. We are highlighting courses related to research computing. Registration required. All events are 6pm-8pm on their respective dates.
Excel 1, 10/3
MATLAB 1, 10/4 & 10/15
Access 2, 10/10
Excel 2: Data Visualization, 10/11
Python, 10/16

Campus Opportunities and Groups

Informatics Skunkworks
The “Informatics Skunkworks” is a group dedicated to realizing the potential of informatics for science and engineering. The skunkworks is a chance for undergraduates to engage together in project-based research on informatics for science and engineering, learning advanced data science / machine learning skills, expanding their domain specific knowledge, and growing their experience of working with teams, faculty, and industry. Everyone is welcome. Contact Dane Morgan (ddmorgan@wisc.edu) if interested.

DesignLab offers free one-on-one and small group consultations on design for data visualizations, infographics, posters, presentations, and more. DesignLab is open to all UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff and is located in College Library. You can make an appointment or drop in to get help. DesignLab can also work with courses and/or campus organization to provide custom workshops and lectures on design related to projects or professional development. Learn more about our instructional support.

Computational Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (ComBEE)
ComBEE is a group of researchers at UW-Madison interested in computational biology in ecology and evolution. ComBEE offers R and Python study groups on alternating Thursdays throughout the semester.
ComBEE Python Study Group – Meets every other Thursday at 2pm in Microbial Sciences 5503
ComBEE R Study Group – Meets every other Thursday at 2pm in Microbial Sciences 5503

Data Science Postdoctoral Opportunity 
The Project DATA (Digital Ad Tracking & Analysis) team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a postdoctoral researcher who specializes in Computational Social Science, Political Science, Data Science, Computer Science, Communication (with a specialty in computational analysis), or related field. Read more…

Research Systems Administrators Group (RSAG)
This ACI-sponsored group meets on the third Wednesdays of every month and allows systems administrators of research systems to share expertise. Join the email list by sending an email message to join-rsag@lists.wisc.edu for updates and future meetings.

External Opportunities

Data Science Incubator Fellowship: a Cornell-funded, 8-week data science fellowship for PhDs entering industry.

ROpenSci Community Call: Oct 16th, 11am, “Code review in the lab, or How do you review code that accompanies a research project or paper?”

If you have a relevant event or group you’d like to see included in next month’s news letter.  Please send us an email at facilitator@datascience.wisc.edu.

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