Optimization @ WID

The WID group brings together a rare combination of researchers with a variety of optimization specialties who will study and develop new methods, as well as apply these methods, to a wide range of important real-world problems.


The NEOS (Network-Enabled Optimization System) Server is a joint project between the optimization group at WID and the Morgridge Institute for Research. It consists of a server that accepts optimization models to solve a collection of expository material in the NEOS guide.


LUCID is a project-focused cross-disciplinary graduate training program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison that focuses on Learning, Understanding, Cognition, Intelligence, and Data-science.

Interdisciplinary faculty build data science future in new institute

Data science has transformed fields from biology to astronomy, and social networks to politics, influencing most aspects of modern life. To transform data science, Stephen Wright, a professor of computer sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, wants to return to the fundamentals. Wright is leading a group of 14 researchers from …