Lightning Talks


There will be three rounds of lightning talks with an opportunity to connect and collaborate with attendees immediately following each round at a designated table. During the break between rounds, lightning talk presenters will be assigned a table so attendees may follow up and ask for further information and speakers may share a poster, display, or live demo, and hand out flyers or swag.

Lightning talks will be three minutes and can address:

  • What is the data science is in your science: How has your science evolved because of data science? How do you think it will evolve?
  • What has been the approach of applying data science to your work? What have been the challenges and successes?
  • Finding resources and/or establishing collaborations to fill technical gaps or add new dimensions to your work
  • Sharing resources (e.g., tools or expertise) or advertising services your core facility or group has to offer
  • Sharing your data science work to raise awareness in the campus community and generate ideas for collaboration

Topic ideas

The planning committee welcomes workshop proposals on all talks meeting in the categories listed above. The following should be seen only as a source of possible inspiration, not as suggestions or requirements:

  • Presenting about a workflow/tool you or your group has developed
  • Reverse pitches: Presenting a problem in your field you would like to solve and are seeking a data scientist collaborator
  • Presenting about the services your campus data science resource has to offer
HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A lightning talk?
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