2020 Data Science Research Bazaar

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What is the Data Science Research Bazaar?

UW-Madison’s Data Science Research Bazaar is a two-day conference, where researchers and data scientists from various disciplines and industries will have opportunities to share their work, collaborate, and discuss their data science interests. With a focus not just on research and training in data science, but on fostering a collaborative data science community, the Data Science Research Bazaar is an event unlike any academic conference you have ever attended. The Data Science Research Bazaar is modeled off of the internationally occurring Research Bazaar, a worldwide festival promoting the digital literacy emerging at the center of modern research. The aim of these events is to equip researchers from all career stages with the digital skills and tools required to do their research better, faster and smarter. Throughout 2020, events will be held at a number of universities around the globe, and UW-Madison will host its Data Science Research Bazaar on January 24-25, 2020. For more information, please send us an email at contact@datascience.wisc.edu.


Pre-Bazaar Workshops (January 22-23)

Before the Research Bazaar begins, we will offer two days of workshops in data science skills. There will be two options for workshops to attend each day: on January 22, attendees can pick between Reproducibility for Everyone and Unix Shell & Version Control with Git, and on January 23, the workshops that will be offered are Intro to Python and Intro to R. Unix Shell & Version Control with Git, Intro to Python, and Intro to R will follow the curriculum developed for Software Carpentry workshops. Early bird registration for those already registered for the Research bazaar starts Dec. 9th.  Registration opens for all Monday, Dec. 16th.  Find out more and register here.

January 22: Reproducible Research: Practical Tools and Applications

January 22-23: Software Carpentry

  • Day 1: Automation with the Unix Shell & Version Control with Git
  • Day 2: Intro to Python or Intro to R


Research Bazaar 2020 Schedule-at-a-Glance
January 24-25
Discovery Building, 330 N. Orchard Street, Madison, WI 53715

View the UW-Madison Research Bazaar 2020 schedule & directory.

More detailed explanations of each aspect of the schedule are available on this page.


Science Seen

Science Seen is the Data Science Research Bazaar’s art exhibit, featuring works from artists whose works represent themes related to or whose techniques are influenced by science, technology, and data.

Code of Conduct

The Data Science Research Bazaar is a learning environment that welcomes everyone: it’s a diverse community from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and enriching experience, please bring a spirit of respect and friendly inquiry to all your interactions at the Research Bazaar. Read our full Code of Conduct here.



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