“Data Science Hub enables research teams to transform burdens into opportunities by coordinating data science expertise and resources.” 


Data Science Hub exists to:

  • coordinate existing resources and expertise around a campus-wide data science strategy
  • connect researchers and resources with each other
  • collaborate to build community, develop new capacities, and pursue new lines of inquiry


Empower people to design and tackle data-rich (research) projects.


  1. Build data science competency across the campus research and education missions by doubling the number of people receiving fundamental, generalizable data skills and increasing types of workshops provided from 2 to 7 by 2020.
  2. Foster an engaging and collaborative data science ecosystem by increasing the number of advertised or hosted events to 15 by 2019 (includes researcher communities) and connecting 500 researchers to each other and data resources by 2020.
  3. Equip researchers to effectively achieve project goals through devising a data science roadmap by increasing attendance at one-on-one facilitation training to 100 people/year.
  4. Connect data science to domains to enable new types of multiple PI grants; increase the number of multi-PI projects to 5 by 2020.
  5. Influence campus leadership by demonstrating the importance of the HUB’s mission and activities to campus and its leadership by the end of 2018.